Radio Shack May Be Selling Bad Warranties

Three years ago, a Radio Shack employee shared one of the company’s dirty secrets: Radio Shack encourages it’s employees to “say anything” to sell extended warranties. In an internal email, Radio Shack told its employees: “The customer[s] can sense your indifference if YOU don’t believe [in the warranties]. Don’t just offer, SELL IT!!!” The email encourages Radio Shack employees to make big promises to customers, even though some employees and customers believe these promises are not true. Another Radio Shack insider recently revealed that the pressure to sell warranties continues: “The pressure to sell [warranties] is so extreme that a manager can get fired for not meeting [warranty] goals. The pressure is so extreme on managers (and associates) that they will pay for [warranties] out of their pockets, just to avoid having to meet with a district manager and get chewed out. . .”

Unfortunately, numerous customers have complained that Radio Shack has failed to honor the warranties that it pushes on consumers. If you purchased a warranty from Radio Shack that the company has wrongfully failed to honor, please contact us to discuss your legal options.