Did You Purchase Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges Prior to August 2017 Because They Were Supposed to be Pesticide-Free and the Most Potent Vapes Available?

As medical marijuana and THC products have become more widely available, consumers have come to expect that they can rely on the promises and representations made for these legalized products, as they would for any other consumer good.  But unfortunately, some businesses may not be providing the increased safety and reliability for their cannabis products.

Independent lab testing has shown that even though Brass Knuckles brand vape cartridges proudly proclaimed on the packaging that they were “contaminant free,” these products may have contained pesticides and other contaminants.  Tests also showed that while the Brass Knuckles packages boasted that they were the “most potent THC Cartridge available” their THC level may have been lower than many competitors.

FBFG is bringing a lawsuit against Brass Knuckles for misleading consumers with false and deceptive advertising.  If you or someone you know purchased Brass Knuckles vape cartridges with a valid medical marijuana card before August 2017, please contact us to discuss your legal rights.