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About Us

The lawyers at FBF&G are deeply committed to helping regular people who have been wronged by powerful businesses. We are proud to represent consumers, employees, and others who have been harmed by corporate greed and unlawful practices. As evidenced by our track record of success, our team of attorneys has the talent and work ethic to win the toughest cases.

What Judges Say About Our Lawyers

“The lawyers at FBF&G are “highly capable and experienced counsel” who “conduct themselves with skill, perseverance, and advocacy.”
Honorable William H. Pauley III
Southern District of New York


“[T]here’s no doubt in my mind that class counsel have invested significant time and resources into this litigation and have superbly advocated on behalf of their clients.”
Honorable Vincent Briccetti
Southern District of New York


“The lawyers of FBFG are “a great example to the bar of what zealous advocacy really means” and they “put class members’ interests ahead of their own interests.”
Magistrate Judge Timothy R. Rice
Eastern District of Pennsylvania