Whistleblower Actions

Because of its skill in protecting consumers and investors, FBF&G is well-suited to represent individuals who know about fraud and have the courage to speak up about it – these individuals are sometimes referred to as “whistleblowers”.

A whistleblower may include:

  • An employee who knows about ongoing securities fraud at his company;
  • A pharmaceutical or other sales representative who knows about misrepresentations and other fraud concerning the products sold by her company; or
  • An employee who knows that her company is defrauding the federal or state government, including programs like Medicaid or Medicare.

It is not necessary to be an executive to be a whistleblower; often whistleblowers are employees who work in accounting, marketing or other clerical and support positions within a company. Under federal and state laws, whistleblowers may be entitled to receive a portion of any penalties or damages that the company has to pay because of its fraud. However, there are strict procedural requirements for sharing in these payments, and it is critical that a whistleblower consult with an attorney early in the process to make sure it complies with the procedures.

If you feel you have information about a possible violation of law, please contact us to discuss your legal options.