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We pride ourselves with on being a very forward thinking practice and we work holistically with our clients and where appropriate their families to ensure that they receive the care that works for them.

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When my employer didn’t pay fair wages, the lawyers at FBF&G stood up for me and my fellow workers, and got us the money we were owed.

Greg N.

“When an energy company charged prices that were too high, the lawyers at FBF&G took the company to court; FBF&G made the company compensate me and other consumers and change its unlawful practices.”

Angela W.

“The lawyers at FBF&G are “highly capable and experienced counsel” who “conducted themselves with skill, perseverance, and diligent advocacy.”

Honorable William H. Pauley III, Judge Southern District of New York

Here, again, plaintiff was ably represented by class counsel who has a proven track record of successfully advancing the interests of class members in consumer class actions, and of course they have extensive experience in this type of litigation. They are highly qualified and have proven their capability and their effectiveness and they have a great deal of experience with all aspects of this type of litigation, whether it’s motion practice, discovery, expert retention, the mediation process and settlement negotiations in general.

Honorable Judge Kenneth Karas

The lawyers at FBF&G are “highly competent, skilled and experienced counsel.”

Honorable George W. Maxwell III, Judge Florida Circuit Court

The lawyers of FBFG are “a great example to the bar of what zealous advocacy really means” and they “put class members’ interest ahead of their own.”

Magistrate Judge Timony A. Rice, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

“When my employer fired me because of my disability, the lawyers at FBF&G recovered backpay for me and made my employer change its practices so that it no longer discriminated against disabled people.”

Sharon A

“Jeremiah Frei-Pearson and the lawyers at FBFG represented me and my colleagues in an unpaid wages case against my former employer, a Fortune 500 company. The FBFG lawyers did an amazing job fighting for me – they outworked and out-argued the big company’s lawyers. Because my lawyers fought for me, my employer was ordered to pay me more than $20,000 in wages that it wrongfully withheld.”

Bobby C.

[T]here’s no doubt in my mind that class counsel have invested significant time and resources into this litigation and have superbly advocated on behalf of their clients.

Honorable Vincent Briccetti, Judge Southern District of New York