Is Charter Communications Violating Its Price Lock Guarantee With Its New “Broadcast TV Surcharge”?

Charter Communications has recently announced that it will begin adding a new “Broadcast TV Surcharge” to its customers’ bills. Charter is adding this new surcharge so that it can pass on to customers the amount broadcast television stations charge Charter to carry their signals. Charter has announced that it will include this new cost as a “surcharge” in the taxes and fees section of customers’ bills.

Charter’s surcharge may be at odds with the long-term fixed price Service Agreements Charter provides and markets to its customers. Under the 24 month Service Agreements, Charter offered its customers the opportunity to “lock in” the cable television price at a fixed rate. Despite Charter’s promise to deliver cable television service at a “guaranteed price,” Charter may now be seeking to impose a new “surcharge.”

Meiselman, Packman, Carton & Eberz is currently investigating a potential consumer fraud class action lawsuit regarding Charter’s imposition of a surcharge at odds with its long-term, guaranteed price Service Agreements. If you are a Charter Communications cable customer who entered into a two year Service Agreement with Charter before October 2010, and you have been charged the Broadcast TV Surcharge, please contact us to discuss your legal options.