Allstate’s “Free” Roadside Assistance Program Isn’t Free

Allstate appears to be offering customers a great deal:  Call to get an insurance quote and, just for making the call, you get “free” lifetime enrollment in Allstate’s roadside assistance program.  Smart consumers might think that instead of paying money to enroll in AAA or another roadside assistance program, it’s cheaper to call Allstate and get free enrollment.

But there’s a catch.  Allstate’s roadside assistance program actually charges for roadside assistance.  In other words, there is nothing free about it — when you need roadside assistance, you call the number and then you pay for the service provided.  This can result in charges of over $75 each time your car needs to be towed, so, if your car gets towed, you will end up paying more for Allstate’s “free” service than you would if you paid for a typical roadside assistance program.

We are investigating a class action lawsuit to redress Allstate’s deceptive advertising.  Please contact us immediately to discuss your legal rights, if you purchased Allstate insurance because you were tricked by Allstate’s “free” roadside assistance advertising campaign or if you cancelled your contract with a real roadside assistance program because of Allstate’s deceptive advertisements.