Crest Sensitivity Toothpaste May Not Provide Fast Relief

Millions of Americans suffer from sensitive teeth. As anyone in that position can tell you, the pain from sensitive teeth can be unbearable. It is not surprising, then, that toothpaste companies spend substantial sums developing and marketing toothpaste to help those with sensitive teeth. Unfortunately, Proctor & Gamble may have gone too far in making promises it cannot keep. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus Claims recently issued a report indicating that Proctor & Gamble’s advertising in connection with Crest Sensitivity Treatment & Protection Toothpaste may be misleading. Proctor & Gamble promises that users will experience “relief within minutes.”

However, it appears that there is no scientific substantiation for the claim that the toothpaste provides relief “within minutes.” The NAD found that while Proctor & Gamble has support for the claim that its toothpaste provides relief over the course of days and weeks, there is inadequate support for the “relief within minutes” claim.


If you or someone you know purchased Crest Sensitivity Treatment & Protection Toothpaste and did not receive “relief within minutes,” please contact us to discuss your legal options.