Office Depot Tax Software Rebate Stiffs Consumers

ax filing season is officially upon us. If recent trends continue, approximately 100 million tax returns will be filed this year. Of these 100 million tax returns, more than 20 million will be prepared using tax software. Attempting to capitalize on the fast-growing tax preparation software market, Office Depot offers $1,300 in free software, a total of 24 different titles, if you buy certain tax preparation software like TurboTax Deluxe or H&R Block Deluxe.

Consumers are told that after purchasing qualifying tax preparation software, to receive their $1,300 in “free” software, all they have to do is purchase the “free” software and fill out the accompanying rebate forms to get their money back. However, many of the 24 “free” software titles require that the consumers enclose the original tax preparation software UPC with their rebate form. The consumer obviously only has 1 original UPC, thereby making it impossible for the consumer to receive the rebates for the entire $1,300 in “free” software as advertised.

If you or someone you know purchased tax preparation software like TurboTax Deluxe or H&R Block Deluxe from Office Depot and are unable to receive your $1,300 in “free” software please contact us to discuss your legal options.