Are Burger King Delivery Drivers Reimbursed Fairly?

Federal law, along with the laws of many states, requires that companies who pay their delivery drivers at or near the minimum wage must fully reimburse those delivery drivers for their gas and other driving-related expenses.  Unfortunately, too many companies try to make extra profit by systematically under-reimbursing their delivery drivers.  As a result, we have filed suit against a Pizza Hut franchisee for failing to reimburse delivery drivers.

We recently learned that Burger King is getting into the delivery business.  If Burger King fully reimburses their delivery drivers, Burger King delivery is a great idea.  However, if Burger King follows the lead of many pizza chains and under-reimburses delivery drivers, delivery drivers have a right to be fully compensated.  If you are a delivery driver and you believe you are being under-reimbursed, please contact us to discuss your legal options.