Hotels May Be Double Billing For Travel Package Amenities

It has become the norm for hotels to offer more than just guest rooms to consumers looking to book travel accommodations.  Nowadays, most hotels, in addition to offering consumers the opportunity to book overnight accommodations, offer to package those accommodations with additional amenities such as valet parking, high speed internet, a spa treatment, or breakfast.

These amenities are not free, but included in the price of the room, which absent the addition of these amenities would cost the consumer less money.  However, while the hotels represent and the consumers understand that these amenities are included in the package price of the room, hotels may be double billing consumers for these amenities.

For example, a couple that stayed at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Miami, Florida and booked the “Discover With You” weekend package that was represented as including full breakfast for two at the hotels signature restaurant, discovered on their hotel bill upon checkout that the breakfasts which were represented as included in the price of their package did not include tip or tax, and as such the couple was charged an additional $30 for the breakfasts.

If you believe that you have been double billed for a hotel amenity such as breakfast, valet parking, high speed internet, spa treatment, or any other amenity included within your hotel package, please contact us to discuss your legal rights.