Have You Been Deceived Into Changing Your Oil Too Often?

One of the first things every new driver learns is the importance of regular oil changes.  In fact, failing to change your oil at appropriate intervals is likely to cause expensive damage, and as a result, many consumers are very concerned with changing their oil frequently enough.  While many consumers change their own oil, many others choose to use oil changing services like Valvoline or a Wal-Mart auto center.  Unfortunately, these companies may be taking advantage of consumers concern for ensuring proper oil changes by misinforming them as to how often such changes should be done. While regular oil changes are important, many automakers recommended changes at as much as 10,000 miles.

Parts in modern engines are engineered with finer tolerances, and improvements in gasoline quality prolong oil life. Yet many oil change services inform consumers that they should change their oil every 3000 miles.  Such a statement is false and deceptive, and causes consumers to change their oil far more often than is needed.  As a result, we are researching a potential consumer class action to redress such deceptive practices. If you or anyone you know had an oil change and was told that the next oil change is due in 3000, please contact us to discuss your legal options