California Privacy Enforcement Initiative

In the modern world, identity theft is a dangerous and growing problem. Many of us regularly provide online retailers with our private information, such as our address and credit card information. We provide this information because companies ask for it and it is very difficult to do business online without disclosing private information. However, when we give companies our private information, we expect that they will maintain its privacy. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to take the basic steps necessary to protect the private information they collect from their customers.

We are involved in numerous privacy-related lawsuits. We are proud to fight for victims of identity theft, but the best way to deal with identity theft is to prevent it from occuring.

The California Attorney General’s Office is now taking a more active approach to this problem. The California Attorney General recently created a Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit, designed to reduce the number of identity thefts. We applaud the creation of this unit, and we hope it reduces the number of identity thefts in the future. In the meantime, if you suffered from identity theft, your statutory rights may have been violated; please contact us to discuss your legal options.