Your All Natural Food Is Still Not All Natural

Back in October of last year we had warned consumers that food manufacturers were playing fast and loose with the unregulated term “all natural.”  One of the foods we warned consumers to look out for was Kashi cereal.  Now, a federal court in California court has refused to dismiss claims brought against Kashi for falsely mislabeling its GoLean and TLC products as “all natural” when in fact the products were almost entirely composed of synthetic and processed ingredients. Kashi is far from alone.

Consumers can hardly walk down any aisle in the supermarket without getting bombarded with some claim related to the “all natural” ingredients of a certain product.  The fact remains that a lot of “all natural” products have very little natural ingredients at all. If you have purchased a product that claims to be “all natural” including the Kashi brands mentioned herein, and the label discloses that the ingredients are not “all natural,” please contact us to discuss your legal options.