Freeda Vitamins May Be Shortchanging Your Selenium Supplement

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that is a vital part of our bodies’ antioxidant system because without selenium, we don’t produce enough glutothiane peroxidase. Selenium deficiency has also been connected with increased incidences of cancer. Some advocates also link a lack of selenium with the development of arthritis and infertility in men, while some claim that selenium can help with diabetes and bone density issues. Many Americans are unable to eat adequate amounts of foods that contain selenium, and so they turn to supplements. Unfortunately, not all vitamin makers deliver the amount of supplement represented on the label. In fact, a recent report from Consumer Lab found that Freeda Natural Oceanic Selenium 100 mcgcontained only 23.7% of the claimed selenium.

As a result, consumers who purchased this supplement received less than one quarter of the selenium they needed, and we areinvestigating a potential consumer class action to redress what appears to be an unconscionable practice. If you or someone you know purchased Freeda Natural Oceanic Selenium 100 mcg, please contact us to discuss your legal options.