Hotel Room Price-Fixing

Have you recently used Expedia, Priceline, or Orbitz to shop for the cheapest hotel room?  Odds are you were wasting your time. A class action lawsuit has reportedly been filed against Expedia, Inc., LP, LP, Sabre Holdings Corporation, Inc., B.V.,, Inc. Orbtiz Worldwide Inc., Hilton Worldwide Inc., Marriott International Inc., Trump International Hotels Management LLC, InterContinental Hotel Group Resources Inc., Starwood Hotels and Resourts Worldwide Inc., and Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group LLC accusing these companies of colluding to fix the prices charged for hotel rooms. Basically, when you go to book a hotel room with one of the above-referenced hotels, you will purportedly find the same price listed on each of the above-referenced sites.  The lawsuit alleges that this price is set by the hotels and not by a competitive market. If you purchased a hotel room at one of the hotels mentioned in this posting through one of the travel sites mentioned above, please contact us to discuss your legal options.