Wage & Hour Violations At Red Lobster & Other Restaurants

We have often noted that all Americans should be paid for all of the time they work and that if you work over 40 hours a week, you are entitled to payment for time and a half.  A recently filed federal lawsuit has accused Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Capital Grille and Longhorn Steakhouse of failing to pay employees for significant amount of time because those restaurants (a) required employees to perform significant work before clocking in and after clocking out; and (b) those restaurants paid employees the tipped salary (which is below minimum wage) prior to clocking them out.

If you worked at one of these restaurants and this happened to you, we can help.  Failure to reimburse employees for unpaid time at the start or end of a job may violate federal and state wage and hour laws.  Similarly, paying non-tipped employees a salary below the minimum is plainly unlawful  If you believe you are not being paid for time at the beginning or end of your shift or that you are wrongly being paid below the minimum wage, please contact us immediately to discuss your legal options.