Job Search Firms In Today’s Market

On August 20, 2009, we published a blog entry about consumer-related concerns for firms in the career-services industry. Recently, executives from one of the companies named in our blog, the ITS Group, contacted us to address certain points we made in our original blog. ITS reports to us that it has built its reputation on helping people from all walks of life with the job-search process, and its thousands of satisfied, employed clients demonstrate its commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

The company invites any client or customer who believes that the company has not met or exceeded their expectations to contact the firm’s management at 866-328-2685 to discuss their concerns. With respect to some of the specific points in the 2009 post, ITS has shared with us that the company has fully resolved the concerns of one of the ITS clients whose complaint was discussed in the blog. ITS has also clarified that its primary businesses are executive resume writing and publishing a subscription-based job hunting information service. Fees for these services begin at several hundred dollars and increase according to the options purchased. ITS states that it strives to be straightforward about the services that it offers – it is not an employment agency, nor does it sell, promise, or guarantee interviews or job offers. Success with the firm’s writing services is primarily influenced by each individual’s background and credentials, and economic conditions prevalent in the job market. The ITS group is not the subject of a Class Action Lawsuit by our firm, nor are we aware of any other legal action pending against them.

ITS further states that it is an “A” rated business by the Better Business Bureau. ITS executives made clear that ITS is 100% committed to satisfying any and all of its client’s concerns. Occasionally, we will be contacted by companies like ITS who want to inform us (and by extension you) about the efforts they have made to be responsible and productive members of the business community. In this case, we are pleased to report that ITS has cooperated in attempting to resolve consumer-related concerns; the Company has indicated that it is open to addressing its client’s concerns in a straightforward, professional manner; and that ITS is passionate about its clients’ full satisfaction with its services.

The highest purpose that can be served by this blog is to work with a company and report back to you about its efforts to address its customers’ concerns without resort to the legal system.