Government Forces Dominos’ Franchisee To Pay The Minimum Wage

Most companies try to do the right thing. Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, some companies pad their profits by unlawfully under-paying their employees. We are proud to represent workers when employers wrongly deny them the minimum wage or overtime. Sometimes companies break the law so egregiously that the federal government becomes involved.

The federal Department of Labor just succesfully brought claims on behalf of employees of a Dominos Pizza franchisee that “treated workers like indentured servants.” Specifically, this franchisee paid workers the “tipped minimum wage” of $5.15 an hour, even though the workers were not receiving tips. The franchisee also broke the law by failing to properly pay overtime and forcing the employees to pay for their own uniforms. If your employer pays you below minimum wage, fails to pay you overtime, or forces you to pay for uniform-related expenses, your employer may be violating the law. Please contact us to discuss your legal