Comcast May Be Falsely Referring Accounts For Collections

When it comes to companies consumers love to hate, cable providers are always high on the list.  However, one thing consumers reasonably still expect is that their cable company will actually credit their account when they make a payment.  Unfortunately, for Comcast customers who move, but keep the same account, that might not be the case.  At least one consumer has reported that, after she moved, she kept her same Comcast account.  That was convenient, until Comcast apparently refused to apply her payment to the bill incurred at the prior residence.

Then she was sent to collections. The issue seems to be that Comcast’s billing computer somehow does not recognize a payment made from an account that has moved that should be applied for services delivered to the prior address.  If this is true, Comcast may be guilty of gross negligence.  It is unconscionable for a major company like Comcast to not have competent billing systems that prevent such obvious issues.  More egregious is that Comcast apparently makes little or no effort to verify that the accounts it sends to collections are, in fact, in arrears.

If this is a computer glitch, there may be thousands of other Comcast customers who are at risk of unwarranted collections actions, if they have not already been reported.  State and Federal laws provide consumers with a means of redress if they have been injured by unlawful collection activity.  If you or someone you know has an issue with Comcast billing after having moved, or if you have been improperly sent to collections by Comcast, please contact us to discuss your legal options.