Nature’s Path Evaporated Cane Juice

Nature’s Path, as well as countless other companies, may be misbranding their foods by listing “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient.  In referencing “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient in their products, companies often fail to disclose that “evaporated cane juice” is really just sugar.

In draft guidance for the industry, however, the FDA raises objections to the use of “evaporated cane juice” on food labels, noting the term “is not the common or usual name of any type of sweetener, including dried cane syrup,” and that “FDA considers such representations to be false and misleading . . . because they fail to reveal the basic nature of the food and its characterizing properties (i.e., that the ingredients are sugars or syrups).”

If you have purchased a product from Nature’s Path or any other company listing “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient, please contact us to discuss your legal options.