Excedrin Overcharging Consumers For Migraine Medication

Consumers rely on labels in deciding which product to buy, especially pharmaceutical drug labels.  Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies use deceptive labeling practices to charge unknowing consumers a higher price than the drug is actually worth.  Novartis AG was recently sued for allegedly doing just that.  According to a recent lawsuit in the District of New Jersey, Novartis charged a higher wholesale price for Excedrin Migraine than it did for Excedrin Extra Strength, even though the two drugs are identical in dosage and chemical formulation.  This labeling practice allegedly led migraine sufferers to purchase the higher-priced Excedrin Migraine under the mistaken belief that it was a superior product.

Our attorneys are actively investigating a potential class action against Novartis AG.  If you or someone you know purchased Excedrin Migraine instead of Excedrin Extra Strength because the label led you to believe it was a superior product for treating migraines, please contact us to discuss your legal options.