Did You Receive An Unsolicited Fax?

Fax Machine

For many small businesses and people that work at home, a fax machine is indispensable.  Unfortunately, they are also expensive, and the cost of ink and paper adds up quickly.  That is why unsolicited faxes are so annoying.  In fact, numerous companies, from travel agreements to small business lenders, send unsolicited taxes to thousands of people everyday.

Fortunately for fax owners, there is a law that prohibits unsolicited faxes.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits companies from sending unsolicited advertisement faxes unless there is a pre-existing relationship between the person sending the fax and the recipient.  Violators may be subject to $500 for each fax sent in violation of the statute.

If you or someone you know received an unsolicited fax, call us to discuss your legal options.