Sprouts Farmers Market Data Breach

The potential harm that can result from a data breach is limitless. Therefore, employers have a duty to protect employees’ private and confidential personal information. Employers must also implement various safeguards to prevent the unlawful disclosure of highly sensitive employee information.

In March 2016, Sprouts Farmers Market employee and former employee 2015 W-2 data was sent to an unknown party as the result of an alleged phishing scam. It is estimated that 21,000 employee names, addresses and social security numbers were released and may be in the possession of phishers and/or scammers who have, and will continue to misuse this information for unlawful purposes. A number of affected individuals have filed lawsuits alleging that the breached W-2 information was used to file false tax returns.

Attorneys at FBFG have successfully brought lawsuits on behalf of countless data breach victims and we are currently investigating this matter. If you or someone you know worked, or currently work at Sprouts Farmers Market please contact us to discuss your legal options.