Crayola Crayons Washable May Not Be So Washable

Crayola Bubbles

As any parent will attest, kids are messy. That is why many parents were undoubtedly thrilled when Crayola came out with its new “Washable Colored Bubbles” product. Unlike normal soap bubbles, these bubbles come in several vibrant colors, and Crayola sells accompanying wand sets and bubble launchers.

Given the bright colors and the inevitable contact with clothes, furniture and outdoor surfaces, parents would be wary about purchasing a product that seems likely to cause substantial stains. To allay those fears, Crayola markets its bubbles as being “washable.” As Crayola states on its website: “Because Colored Bubbles contain color, colorful marks appear on clothing, skin and outdoor surfaces wherever they pop. But marks are temporary and washable.”

Unfortunately, Crayola’s claim that marks left by its bubbles are washable may be false. In fact, numerous consumers report that children, clothes, furniture, driveways and even pets are stained from the bubbles, even when washing instructions are precisely followed. As one consumer stated; “Washable? It practically requires scrubbing the top layer of your skin off to get the color out.” She added, “I feel misled as a shopper.”

We are investigating whether Crayola misled consumers as to whether its bubbles are actually washable. If you or someone you know purchased Crayola’s Washable Colored Bubbles, please contact us to discuss your legal options.