Pending class action lawsuit against James Square goes to court

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) – A class action lawyer representing possibly thousands of residents of the former James Square Health and Rehabilitation Centre and attorneys representing former owners of the facility appeared in State Supreme Court on Thursday.

It’s the first hearing in the pending class action lawsuit filed against James Square, accusing them of resident neglect.

In an interview only with NewsChannel 9, the daughter of one resident named in the case, Laura Capozzolo, shares stories of her mom laying in her own waste and her blood not tested often enough as she suffers from diabetes.

It’ll be up to Supreme Court Judge Anthony Paris to classify the case as “class action,” which would then allow thousands of former residents from 2011 through the present to become part of the suit.

The attorney representing the residents, Jeremiah Frei-Pearson, tells NewsChannel 9, “This is an entity that’s been sold multiple times. It’s an entity that’s made a lot of money off the backs of vulnerable, elderly people. And as a result of all the ownership changes, we have to sue all the people that have been responsible.  Read more here.