“Worrisome Levels” of Toxic Heavy Metals Found in Gerber, Beech-Nut Baby Food Products

A recent investigation by Consumer Reports, testing 50 nationally-distributed baby and toddler foods, revealed “worrisome levels” of heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium in baby foods from popular brands including Gerber and Beech-Nut.  James Dickerson, Ph.D, Consumer Report’s chief scientific officer, noted that high levels of these metals can increase the risk of health problems for children if regularly consumed.

Consumers expect that the food they purchase for their children – especially food for infants and toddlers – will be safe and healthy.  FBFG Law is currently investigating whether these companies have violated the law by marketing these products containing heavy metals.  If you or someone you know has purchased any of the following products, please contact us to discuss you legal options:

  • Earth’s Best Organic Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Earth’s Best Turkey, Red Beans & Brown Rice
  • Gerber Chicken & Rice
  • Gerber Turkey & Rice
  • Sprout Organic Baby Food Garden Vegetables Brown Rice With Turkey
  • Gerber Lil’ Meals White Turkey Stew With Rice & Vegetables
  • Gerber Carrot, Pear & Blackberry
  • Beech-Nut Classics Sweet Potatoes
  • Happy Baby Organics Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal
  • Baby Mum-Mum Banana Rice Rusks