The Feds Warn of the Dangers of Collodial Silver

In a quest for natural cures, some parents are foregoing pharmaceuticals and using supplements to treat their children’s ailments. One such supplement known as colloidal silver has been marketed to treat and cure various illnesses. The product consists of tiny particles of silver suspended in liquid. Some of the most far-fetched claims made by the companies are that the products can cure HIV, cancer and herpes.

Despite these claims, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists colloidal silver as not safe for consumption. There are also no published studies proving the claims made by the sellers.

Although there are no known health benefits, sellers and users promote the effectiveness of the supplement. A Facebook group provides a forum for individuals to share best practices, offer medical advice and ask questions regarding the healing benefits of colloidal silver.

In the group, parents inquire about uses of silver to combat children’s illnesses. While some of these ailments are minor such as a scrape or cold, others are more serious involving cases of asthma, strep throat, staph infections and influenza.

Desperate parents seeking relief for their ill children rely on the group members assurance that the silver will help their child. Parents are willing to abandon needed pharmaceuticals in lieu of the silver. By refusing necessary drugs, they put their children at risk for permanent health issues and in some cases death. Collodial silver should never replace medication to treat any illnesses.