Orbit Baby stroller systems found to contain toxic chemicals

Parents of young children take exceptional care to ensure that their infants are kept safe and healthy.  Orbit Baby and Ergobaby, the companies behind the Orbit Baby stroller system, car seat, and bassinet travel system know this, and market their products with the express promise that they are free of toxic brominated and chlorinated chemicals – this is one of their main selling points to parents.  However testing has shown that at least some components designed to be used as part of the overall Orbit Baby travel system do, in fact, contain such chemicals.

Consumers rely on the representations made by companies such as Orbit Baby to make informed choices for themselves and their families.  When these companies deceive consumers with false and misleading representations, they take these choices away.  The law allows for consumers who have been deceived in this way to recover damages.

The attorneys of FBFG Law have proven experience bringing consumer protection class actions on behalf of victims of false advertising.  If you or someone you know purchased an Orbit Baby stroller, car seat, or similar product, please contact us to discuss your legal options.