Liveyon LLC Stem Cell Therapy May Put Autistic Children At Risk

Stem cell therapy, which can cost thousands of dollars per treatment, has increasingly been prescribed for children with autism.  To administer the therapy, doctors inject stem cell products into the blood of autistic children or spray the products up their noses.  The manufacturers of stem cell products must meet strict safety and effectiveness standards.   However, recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) findings show that stem cell products can pose a significant risk of danger to patients.

Multiple stem cell manufacturers have been warned about selling unapproved products that place patients at risk for bacterial infections, including Liveyon LLC, whose products are used to treat children with autism.  The FDA found that Liveyon LLC failed to properly screen stem cell donors for the Zika virus and failed to show that its processing and cleaning procedures prevent bacterial contamination.  To make matters worse, Liveyon LLC has been marketing its stem cell products without FDA approval.  These unlawful behaviors place patients at risk.  In fact, at least one dozen patients across multiple states have developed illnesses because of stem cell injections.

If a healthcare provider has administered stem cell treatments from Liveyon LLC or another manufacturer to treat your child for autism, please contact us immediately to discuss your legal options. The attorneys at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP have successfully prosecuted numerous consumer protection actions, and we look forward to discussing your case.