NARB Recommends P&G Discontinue Its Claim That Tide Purclean has “4x Cleaning Power”

Have you been deceived by Proctor & Gamble’s Tide Purclean Advertising? 

The National Advertising Review Board (“NARB”) the appellate advertising law body of the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) National Programs has concluded that some of Proctor & Gamble’s advertising claims are unsupported.  Consequently, the NARB has recommended that Proctor & Gamble (“P&G”) cease making certain deceptive claims about their Tide Purclean product such as advertising that Tide Purclean has “4x Cleaning Power”.

NARB has found this claim to be unsupportive and vague causing confusion to the reasonable consumer.  NARB reviewed P&G’s disclaimers on both its product packaging and website and found both to be insufficient in clearing up any confusion about its “4x Cleaning Power” claim.

Additionally, NARB found that the company’s testing data did not comply with ASTM standards by deviating in a substantive way from the suggested usage of the comparator detergent without providing adequate reasoning for doing so.

The attorneys at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP Have successfully represented consumers mislead by deceptive claims and are currently investigating this matter.  If you have purchased or know someone who has purchased P&G’s Tide Purclean, and feel that you were misled by the company’s advertising, contact us to discuss your legal options.