FDA Issues Warning Letters To Companies For The Unauthorized Selling Of E-Cigarette Products

The FDA requires companies to follow certain procedures to market and sell products to consumers.  The requirement is to ensure products are safe for consumer consumption.  The FDA states that it continues to monitor companies for violation of tobacco laws and regulations.

The FDA has issued warning letters to more than 30 electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) companies. The warning letters came after these companies continue to market and sell products that did not get the necessary FDA premarket authorization. Additionally, some of these companies continue to sell products after receiving a Refuse to Accept (RTA) determinations from the FDA. This year alone, over 169 warning letters were issued to firms selling these ENDS products.

Some of the companies selling these unauthorized ENDS products are: Vapor Boss LLC; Kaleidoscope Custom Vapor Lounge LLC; Maduro Distributors, doing business as The Loon; E-Cig Central, LLC; CloudT3n, LLC d/b/a The Cloud; Flawless Labs, Inc. d/b/a Flawless Vape Shop.

If you have purchased ENDS products from any of the above companies, you could be at risk.  Please contact us immediately to discuss your legal options. The attorneys at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP have successfully prosecuted numerous consumer protection actions and we look forward to discussing your case.