Do you agree that Fishkill Center needs more staffing?

Fishkill Center sign sitting in daylight in front of green, lush trees

The talented and experienced attorneys of Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber are prosecuting a class action against Fishkill Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing for inadequate staffing levels.  Do you agree that Fishkill Center is inadequately staffed?  Call (914) 824 – 1560 or email us at  Submit your story or declaration to the court. 

We represent Ms. Barbara Allen, whose beloved mother Judith is a resident at Fishkill.  Unfortunately, Barbara learned that Fishkill may not be a safe place for her mother because there is not enough staff to take care of all the residents.*  Not having enough staff at nursing homes is one of the key causes of neglect.  It puts all residents at risk.

That’s why the team at FBFG is proud to represent Barbara in our class action lawsuit against Fishkill and its parent entities.  We are looking for Fishkill residents and family members to raise their voice and submit declarations to the court.  If you or your family member or someone you know has complaints about Fishkill Center, now is the time to tell the story.  We must show the judge that Fishkill Center should be held accountable. 

To find out more information, contact us at (914) 824 – 1560 or email us at


*The statements in this blog post are restatements of statements made in legal filings.