Be On The Lookout For Data Charges On Your Cell Phone Bill

Many consumers use their cell phones to surf the Internet and check email.  If you use your cell phone for one of these purposes, you may expect to pay extra for data charges.  But, if you don’t access the Internet via your phones, you should not pay for data usage.

Unfortunately, we have recently been contacted by an AT&T subscriber who was billed for Internet data usage, even though the subscriber’s phone is not equipped to access the internet and the subscriber has never used his phone to access the internet.  It is difficult to sue AT&T, because the company hides behind an arbitration clause.  However, aggrieved consumers should contact AT&T to try to have the unwanted charges removed. S

etting aside the arbitration clause issue, the lesson here is simple:  carefully review your cell phone bill.  If you are being charged for a service that you don’t use, your cell phone provider may be violating your rights.  Please contact us to discuss your options.