Do Duracell Ultra Advance And Power Batteries Really Last Longer?

Duracell advertises its Ultra Advanced batteries as lasting “up to 30 percent longer in toys,” and similarly advertises its Ultra Power batteries as the “Longest Lasting” and “most powerful” alkaline battery.  As a result of these representations, Duracell charges significantly more for its Ultra Advance and Ultra Power batteries as compared to alternative alkaline batteries, including Duracell’s own standard alkaline batteries.

However, according to a class action complaint, the Ultra Advance and Ultra Power batteries fail to last longer than Duracell’s other alkaline batteries.  The class action lawsuit states that “despite Defendants’ representations to the contrary, there is no meaningful difference in battery life between Duracell Ultra Advanced and Duracell’s other alkaline batteries.” If you purchased Duracell Ultra Advance or Ultra Power batteries with the expectation that the batteries would last longer than comparative alkaline batteries, please contact us to discuss your legal rights.