Joseph A. Bank Perpetual Sale

Everyone loves a sale, and that is what Joseph A. Bank Clothiers, Inc., also known by the abbreviated name JoS. A. Bank is counting on when it advertises its sales. JoS. A. Banks sales would be great deals, if they were really offering customers a discount from regular prices. However, JoS. A. Bank’s merchandise is perpetually “on sale,” and the “sale price” is actually the price at which Jos. A. Bank regularly offers their merchandise for sale. In fact, merchandise is rarely if ever sold at “regular price.” When merchandise is always on sale, it is no longer a sale; instead, it is false and deceptive advertising.

Under New York and other states’ consumer protection laws, it is deceptive practice to advertise a service or product as being on sale when, in fact, the sale price is the regular price. In other words, a “sale” that never ends is illegal.

Our team are investigating a potential class action in New York and other states concerning JoS. A. Bank’s deceptive sales practices. If you, or someone you know, paid for JoS. A. Bank’s merchandise and received the alleged discount, please contact us to discuss your legal options.