Amazon May Be Misleading Consumers About 1-Day Shipping

When consumers purchase goods, they often wish to receive them right away. Whether someone is buying medicine, clothes, or just a much-anticipated book, sometimes they just have to have it now. This need for quick purchases often gives traditional brick-and-mortar stores an advantage over Internet retailers, as it is usually faster to run down to the corner store than buying something from the web. Amazon seeks to allay those concerns by offering 1 day shipping. While the price is a bit steep, around $20, sometimes consumers decide the extra price is worth it to receive a package the next day.

Unfortunately, it appears that Amazon has been frustrating many of its customers’ expectations on this score. Many items Amazon sells are not ready to be shipped out on any given day – instead, they are “back-ordered” or they have to first come from another supplier. Some consumers complain that they paid for overnight shipping, but did not receive their order for a week or so, because they were not ready to be shipped out by Amazon. These consumers are upset because they claim there is no adequate disclosure alerting them to the fact that paying for 1 day shipping won’t get their package delivered in one day.

Our attorneys are actively investigating a potential class action against Amazon for this potentially deceptive behavior. If you or someone you know paid for 1 day shipping but did not receive your purchase one day later, please contact us to discuss your legal options.