Protecting Your Private Medical Information

Your medical information is very private, and when you disclose your personal information to medical professionals, you trust that they will keep it confidential. Unfortunately, far too many big insurance companies, hospitals, and corporations are failing to protect the confidentiality of patient records. The Department of Health & Human Services (“HHS”) recently reported that the medical information of over 21 million people has been wrongly disclosed in the last three years.

HHS recently updated it’s Wall of Shame, which lists the largest data breaches of medical information. At the top of the list is the data breach by TRICARE and Science Applications International Corporation, where the private information of 4,901,432 people – members of the military and their families – was wrongly disclosed due to corporate and government negligence. Our firm is very proud to represent the victims of that breach. Also near the top of the list is the Sutter Health breach, where Sutter Hospital’s negligence allowed for the wrongful disclosure of 943,434 people’s private health information.

We are also proud to represent the victims of that breach. We also represent the victims of smaller breaches. If your medical information is wrongly disclosed, the first thing you should do is protect yourself. The Federal Trade Commission’s website describes what you should do if you believe your personal information has been stolen. You may also have privacy-related legal claims against the company that failed to protect your private records; if your information was disclosed and used in an unauthorized manner, please contact us to discuss your legal options.