Air Travel Low Price “Guarantees”

These days, many people book their air and hotel travel online.  Booking online is more convenient than using a travel agent, and it should be cheaper.  Many travel agencies offer low price or best prices “guarantees.”  These guarantees state that if you book travel with a certain website (such as or you will get the lowest price.

If you later find a lower price, the website promises to issue a refund.  We applaud these travel agencies for promising consumers the best price.  If applied properly, best price guarantees save consumers the hassle of having to compare prices across numerous websites.

However, if the best price guarantees aren’t honored, the companies may be defrauding consumers.  We want to hear from you.  Have you ever booked travel with a travel website that had a best price guarantee, only to later find out that the tickets you bought were available for a cheaper price?  If so, did the company honor its promise and issue you a refund?  If the company honored its promise, it should be praised (and please leave a comment).  If the company did not honor its guarantee, please contact us to discuss your legal options