Maybelline Super Stay Might Not Last The Day

Maybelline may be making misleading statements about its “Super Stay” lip gloss and lipstick products by representing that the products last for 10 and 14 hours respectively. Maybelline advertises its Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss as the “first 10hr Stain Gloss” and its Super Stay 14hr Lipstick as lipstick with “super rich color that lasts for 14 hours.” Unfortunately, according to many consumer reviews, the products do not last nearly as long as advertised.

Commenting about the Super Stay 14hr Lipstick on Maybelline’s website, one consumer stated that they were “so excited to buy this product, until it came off within minutes of application.” Another consumer, commenting on the Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss stated “I wanted a stain so my lip color would last and last throughout the day. Unfortunately, the stain didn’t last through a meal or even after drinking.”

If you purchased Maybelline’s Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss or 14hr Lipstick and believe that the product you purchased failed to perform as advertised, please contact us to discuss your legal rights.