Isotonix And Kirkland May Be Shortchanging Your B Vitamin

B vitamins are crucial for the proper functioning of the human body.  B vitamins are essential in turning food into energy, and there is some proof that they reduce homocysteine levels, which are associated with heart disease.  Our bodies don’t make B vitamins, so they have to come from diet or supplements.  Unfortunately, according to a recent report from Consumer Labs, not all supplement makers provide the amount of B vitamins represented on the package labels.  Consumer Labs tested a number of popular B vitamins, and it determined that some contained less B vitamin than claimed.

For example, Consumer Labs reports that Isotonix Activated B Complex had only 31.1 % of the claimed amount of folic acid, and only 61.3% of the claimed B-12.  Similarly, the lab reports that Kirkland Signature B-100 Hi-Energy Complex only had 86.5% of the claimed B-12.  Many consumers need a B vitamin supplement to maintain their health, and it is unconscionable for supplement makers to mislead consumers about how much B vitamin they actually provide.  If you or someone you know has purchased Isotonix Activated B Complex or Kirkland Signature B-100 Hi-Energy Complex, please contact us to discuss your legal options.