Holiday Inn May Be Shortchanging Their Employees

During our current economic crisis, finding and holding a job has become increasingly difficult.  At the same time, employers are facing pressure as sales and revenues have declined.  Unfortunately, some employers seek to increase their profits in these difficult times by forcing their employees to work off the clock or overtime without compensation, knowing that their desperate employees are unlikely to quit or complain.  Employees of Holiday Inn claim the hotel giant is doing just that.  According to some members of the housekeeping and restaurant staff, Holiday Inn has a number of policies that work to prevent employees from receiving their fair wages.

For example, they claim that Holiday Inn consistently gives them more work than can be accomplished in a single shift, which forces workers to either forego mandated meal and rest breaks or risk discipline for not completing all work assignments.  Others complain that they are required to clock out and continue working, and there is often work that has to be done before an employee can clock in at the start of a shift. Still others complain that they are not paid overtime wages.  Some members of the housekeeping staff even claim they are forced to pay for their own cleaning supplies. If you or someone you know works for Holiday Inn, please contact us to discuss your legal options.