Pet Food Manufacturer Blue Buffalo May Mislead Consumers By Claiming That It’s Products Do Not Contain Chicken By-Product Or Grains

Blue Buffalo is currently under fire for allegedly misleading consumers by advertising that its pet foods contain “NO Chicken/Product By-Product Meals.”  However, recent testing indicates that several of Blue Buffalo’s top-selling “Life Protection” pet foods contain chicken by-products.  Similarly, Blue Buffalo advertises that its pet foods are “grain-free” and will “free your pet from the grains and glutens that cause allergic reactions in some dogs.”  This claim also appears to be misleading, because testing indicates that certain Blue Buffalo foods are not “grain-free.”


If you purchased Blue Buffalo products, you may have been a victim of misleading advertising and you should consider your legal options.  Please contact the attorneys at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson and Garber today for a free consultation.