Fighting To Ensure That All Workers Are Paid At Least The Minimum Wage


Although federal and state law requires employers to pay a minimum wage, too many companies try to pad their profits by under-paying their workers. These tactics are unlawful, and the lawyers at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber (FBF-P&G) are proud to represent workers who are fighting for the full wages they are owed.

Some companies try to get away with paying their workers less than the minimum by forcing workers to spend their own money at work and then under-reimbursing the workers for those expenses. For example, pizza companies routinely pay delivery drivers a fixed rate to “cover” their driving expenses, even though this fixed rate is often insufficient to cover the true cost of gas and other driving expenses. By failing to properly reimburse their drivers, pizza companies can increase their profits by tens of millions of dollars while forcing loyal employees to try get by on less than they have earned. These companies claim that they aren’t breaking the law, and it is sometimes seems difficult for individual workers to stand up to their employers.

Fortunately, workers can use class action lawsuits to force companies to pay them the wages that the companies have wrongfully withheld. The Lawyers at FBF-P&G have experience fighting Pizza Hut and other big companies that have paid their workers less than the minimum wage. We have recovered millions of dollars for pizza delivery drivers and other underpaid workers. If you believe your employer may have paid you wages less than the minimum, please contact us to discuss your legal options.