Your Canned Octopus Might Actually Be Squid

Did you know that companies that sell packaged foods such as canned octopus (or salmon or tuna) are obligated to accurately describe and advertise the contents of such cans? This is because unscrupulous producers have been known to replace the advertised contents of packaged foods with cheaper, lower quality ingredients.

Recently, Goya Foods, Inc. came under fire for such practices. A publicly-filed lawsuit alleges that independent DNA testing has shown that Goya has been misleading consumers by failing to disclose that its canned octopus products are actually composed of jumbo squid — a cheaper, lower-quality seafood with a similar texture. The Vigo Importing Company has faced similar allegations that its octopus products were actually part squid.

Such unscrupulous practices should not go unchecked. If you have purchased canned octopus products, particularly Goya- or Vigo-branded canned octopus products, you may have been a victim of misleading advertising and should consider your legal options. Please contact the attorneys at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson and Garber today for a free consultation.