Have You Purchased Tradewinds “All Natural” Iced Tea?

Tradewinds Beverage Company sells iced tea products variously described as “All Natural,” “100% Natural,” made “With All Natural Ingredients” and “Naturally Flavored with All  Natural Flavors.”  In truth, the products may contain artificial or synthetic coloring agents such as caramel color.  Consumers should be able to rely on the labels of products to determine if they are in fact all natural.    Among the iced tea flavors Tradewinds sells with the apparently misleading “All Natural” claims are Unsweet Tea, Unsweet Tea with Hint of Lemon, Unsweet Tea with Hint of Raspberry, Unsweet Tea with Hint of Peach, Sweet Tea, Extra Sweet Tea, Raspberry Tea, and Lemon Tea.  If you or someone you know has purchased any of these products on the mistaken belief they are “all natural” or “100% natural,” please contact FBFG to discuss your legal options.