Did Your Amtrol BoilerMate Indirect Water Heater Fail?

Even though Amtrol advertises that their “BoilerMate” brand indirect-fired water heaters have a “long life” compared to gas, oil, and electric heaters, consumers have found that many BoilerMates fail after only a few short years. As a result, home and business owners have been forced to pay hundreds of dollars in labor to install these heaters, without any reimbursement for this labor when they fail.

Buying a water heater for your home or business is a major purchase, and consumers should be able to rely on a company’s claims that their products will last. If you or someone you know has purchased an Amtrol BoilerMate heater only to have it fail on you and you have not been reimbursed for the labor and taxes that went into installing it, please contact FBFG to discuss you legal options.