Have you purchased an opioid cessation product?

Over 2 million Americans are suffering from opioid addiction.  Several companies are taking advantage of those suffering from addiction, or their loved ones.  These companies have been selling products that falsely claim to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal.  However, these products have not be shown to be safe or effective.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission issued a press release discussing the dangers of these products, and urging addiction sufferers to seek legitimate, effective treatments that are available:

The FDA is taking new steps to make safe and effective medication assisted treatments (MAT) available to those who suffer from opioid use disorder and to reduce the stigma that is sometimes associated with use of these therapies. Using products with unsubstantiated claims may prevent those addicted to opioids from seeking approved treatments that have been demonstrated to be safe and effective, delay their path to recovery, and put them at greater risk of death. In fact, patients receiving FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment cut their risk of death in half, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Makers of products that falsely claim to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal include:

  • Opiate Freedom Center (“Opiate Freedom 5-Pack”);
  • U4Life, LLC (“Mitadone Anti-Opiate Aid Plus Extra Strength”);
  • CalmSupport, LLC (“CalmSupport”);
  • TaperAid (“TaperAid” & “TaperAid Complete”);
  • Medicus Holistic Alternatives LLC (“Natracet”);
  • NutraCore Health Products, LLC (“Opiate Detox Pro”);
  • Healthy Healing, LLC (“Withdrawal Support” & “Addiction Withdrawal”);
  • Soothedrawal, Inc. (“Soothedrawal” Daytime and Nighttime Formulas);
  • Choice Detox Center, Inc. (“Nofeel”);
  • GUNA, Inc. (“GUNA-ADDICT 1”); and
  • King Bio, Inc. (“AddictaPlex”).

If you have purchased these or other products that claim to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal, please contact FBFG to discuss your legal options. FBFG has successfully prosecuted false advertising claims on behalf of consumers.