Are you an AutoZone delivery driver?

Photo of autozone store at night

Have you or someone you know been a delivery driver for AutoZone Auto Parts?  Does your employer properly reimburse you for your driving expenses, such as gas, maintenance, and wear-and-tear?

Our attorneys are proud to have successfully represented thousands of delivery drivers who were not properly reimbursed for their driving expenses. Under federal and state law, delivery drivers must be properly compensated for gas and wear-and-tear on their vehicles.  This compensation must be high enough above the minimum wage to fully offset expenses.

Most drivers are reimbursed for their driving expenses at the IRS rate, which is currently 56 cents a mile.  However, many employers violate the law by not fully reimbursing their delivery drivers. For example, some delivery drivers reimburse delivery drivers $1.00 per delivery, which usually works out to 20 cents a mile, or less than half of the IRS rate. This is unlawful. Delivery drivers who are underpaid may be entitled to back-pay for the time they were underpaid, higher wages going forward, and other damages.

If you, or someone you know, served as a delivery driver for AutoZone, you may have been denied fair wages. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.