Have you purchased NRA Carry Guard Insurance? You may have been a victim of false and deceptive advertising

If you bought the National Rifle Association’s (“NRA”) Carry Guard Insurance you may have been the victim of false advertising and deceptive practices.  In order to protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices the law requires a license to market, solicit, or facilitate the sale of insurance.  The NRA markets and solicits sales of NRA Carry Guard Insurance, which is insurance that covers the legal bills and other costs that can arise as the result of a shooting.  However, the NRA does not have a license to market or sell insurance.

Additionally, consumers who wish to buy NRA Carry Guard Insurance must pay a fee of $69.45 that goes to the NRA.  FBFG is investigating whether this fee is, in whole or in part, an unlawful commission for soliciting and arranging for the sale of insurance without a license.

The NRA also represents that NRA Carry Guard members get exclusive access to world-class, comprehensive online and in-person training.  However, sources report that NRA Carry Guard members only have the same access to the NRA’s in person training as non-members and at the same prices.

If you purchased the NRA’s Carry Guard Insurance please contact Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber to discuss your legal options.  You may have a claim for false advertising and deceptive practices.  FBFG has successfully prosecuted false advertising and deceptive practices claims on behalf of consumers.